From Inspired To Empowered

Bridge Learning Campus delivers results by investing in the very best people and the very best leaders.

From Inspired To Empowered

Bridge Learning Campus delivers results by investing in the very best people and the very best leaders.


As is the case with all multi academy trusts the legal responsibility for governance of the Trust and its schools sits with the Members and the Board of Directors (trustees). It is for the Board to decide how and to what level it wishes to delegate any responsibility to a local body or committee.

The trust has in place several groups to ensure that there is a strong link between the Board and its schools or academies.

A School Improvement Board (SIB) oversees and scrutinises the quality of education at Bridge Learning Campus and this group reports to the main board through its committee structure.

The School Improvement Board at BLC is chaired by Mr R Welman. The SIB is clerked by Mrs J Frederiks Davies. If you wish to contact Mr Wellman please do so via the Clerk , C/o Bridge Learning Campus, William Jessop Way, Hartcllife, Bristol, BS13 0RL.

School Improvement Board Members:

Mr R Wellman, Chair & Trust Director

Mr I Chalmers, Academy Governor

Mr R Whitham, Trust Director

Mr D Spence, Director of Teaching and Learning

Mr R Maule, Headteacher

Clerk: Mrs J Frederiks Davies

Trust in Learning fully supports the importance of local governance of schools and academies – outstanding schools have outstanding governance and leadership.

Key information and policies can be found here.

The establishment of a Local Governing Body to fully support day to day leadership is a cornerstone of our approach to improving schools. Governors are valued members of the TiL network and have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of young people through education.

Trust in Learning will fully support the Local Governing Body to establish strong, effective and knowledgeable governance and use its wider resources to help provide additional governance where this is sought or needed.

As a group of schools working together ‘governor learning’ is seen as an important aspect of our work and our commitment to our schools and cross-school professional development for governors is a regular feature of our work together.

For further information about our members and directors please see the link:  Governance within Trust in Learning (Academies).

For more details on the structure of Trust in Learning (Academies) please see the link: TiLA structure and committees 2019-2020

If you want to make an impact to the education of young people as a governor then please feel free to contact for more details.

Governors’ Handbook

A competency Framework for Governance 

We use Governor Hub to help run our school.