From start to finish

Our all-through school ensures that pupils of all ages can benefit from specialist teaching, resources and facilities from Day 1.

From start to finish

Our all-through school ensures that pupils of all ages can benefit from specialist teaching, resources and facilities from Day 1.


I am a reader

Curriculum Lead:  Catherine Brown

Being an Author Reader


Reading is at the heart of everything we do at BLC. It is our intent that all children will learn to read fluently and competently. Children will be able to decode, comprehend, discuss and analyse a range of texts. Alongside this, we aim to develop a child’s love and inspire passion for lifelong reading.


Our first priority is teaching children to read. This is done using the Read Write Inc program (RWI) which provides a strong start to our children from their first day in Reception. 

As children learn to decode, they build on their knowledge by developing their comprehension through guided reading sessions, which take place weekly in every EYFS and KS1 classroom. 

In Key Stage 2, reading comprehension skills are taught through our Think Out Loud sessions. 

In both these cases, reading is a separately timetabled subject within our curriculum. 

To supplement our teaching of reading curriculum, we develop children’s reading for pleasure in a number of ways. Daily Read, timetabled in every classroom from Reception to Year 6, ensures children are read to by an adult on a daily basis. It allows them to read a book they might not otherwise be able to read independently (both fiction and non-fiction) and develops their stamina. At the same time, from Year 4 onwards, children use the Accelerated Reader program to help them develop their independence and choose books that are within the appropriate level for their reading ability. Our library and book corners provide further titles, at appropriate levels, for children to read at home, which is tracked using our reading diaries. The partnership between home and school is valued to support children’s development and enjoyment.


For children who need more support, we have extensive resources and personalised interventions to accelerate progress and close gaps. Additionally, where children are excelling in reading, we provide opportunities to extend and challenge. When children join part-way through the academic year, they are quickly assessed in phonics to ensure that teaching meets their needs.


      • Children will end each year meeting or exceeding national expectations for reading.

      • Children will be empowered to talk confidently about a range of texts from across their primary years, being able to compare and contrast.

      • Children will be able to:
        • talk actively about a book,use background knowledge to understand and infer meaning,

            • break down meaning whilst making links.

        • Children will be able to confidently read out loud, to a variety of audiences.

        • Children will have had opportunities to enjoy a range of texts.

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