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From Beginning To Best

Our school family is a community that educates and empowers, building confidence from first steps to next steps.

From Start
to Success

Our purpose-built, modern building and learning facilities stand amongst the best of primary and secondary schools in Bristol.

From Inspired To Empowered

Discover how being an all-through school makes us different to other schools in Bristol. OFSTED came and saw that it was “Good”.

From Beginning to Best

Our school family is a community that educates and empowers, building confidence from first steps to next steps

School Closure

As a mark of respect, Bridge Learning Campus will be closed to all pupils and staff on Monday, 19th September on the date of the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. This applies to all year groups, including nursery and reception classes.

The school will re-open at the usual time on Tuesday, 20th September for all pupils in all year groups.

The BLC community continues to extend our deepest sympathies and condolence to the Royal Family at this time of National Mourning.

Bridge Learning Campus is a leading all-through school based in South Bristol where we work together to empower your child's future.


Our school is not like any other in Bristol. Bridge Learning Campus (BLC) provides an education for children from their very first experience of formal learning in nursery until they are ready for a full range of GCSEs at 16 years old and can move on to further education, apprenticeships or employment.


As an all-through school, we stand out from other primary and secondary schools in Bristol because our curriculum runs throughout the primary and secondary years, giving us longer to empower knowledge and confidence in our students. It also means that the specialist staff, equipment and facilities which wouldn’t normally be made available to primary aged children are there for them from day one.

Our Values

A lot of people want their child to do better than they did at school, but they don’t know which of the secondary schools in Bristol is the right choice. As an all-through school, BLC’s values are consistent throughout primary and secondary, enabling us to build the right learning environment. Our values run through everything we teach and everything we do, supporting and empowering each child to succeed at school and in life.


School Life

Meet The Team

Our staff are a hardworking, friendly and caring body of professionals who will get to know your child well. For your child, many of the same friendly faces will be there over the course…


We have high expectations of our students to be hardworking, polite, well-mannered and business-like in their appearance and attitude to learning which includes high standards…


At lunchtime and after school there are opportunities to get involved in sports, art, music, film, dance, nature and cookery club, to name just a few. We also run a breakfast…

Key Information



At Bridge Learning Campus, the health, safety and well-being of every child is our top priority and we have very well developed structures in place to combat safeguarding issues…


Bridge Learning Campus is a cashless school.  We use a system called Arbor Pay which is a quick and convenient way to pay for items such as school lunches…


The government offer support to anyone who needs a little extra financial help. Please find out if your child can get free school meals and then register for Pupil Premium funding…


“The teachers are really really supportive and very communicative”

Why work for Bridge Learning Campus?

“I started at Bridge Learning Campus in September 2017, I work in the non-teaching side of staff. The school has funded a course for me to go on, this has been great for my CPD”

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